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Toter Cleaning

Eco-friendly toter cleaning and deodorizing for all of our residential customers. A seasonal bin cleaning can prevent bacteria, dirt, and foul odors from building up, keeping your toters hygienic. With our newest add-on service, you won't have to worry about cleaning your bins; we'll take care of it for you, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

20-yard dumpster by James R Santaguida Sanitation, ideal for medium-sized projects and cleanouts

Bulk Item Pick-Up

Dealing with large household items? We've got you covered! Our Bulky Refuse Collection service handles furniture, mattresses, appliances, crates, pallets, Christmas trees, and more. Simply take a photo and text it to our office phone number or call the office to schedule a bulk item pick-up. Santaguida Sanitation makes disposing of large items hassle-free for our residential customers.

Large item special pickup service by James R Santaguida Sanitation, featuring our branded 96-gallon toters. Includes removal of mattresses, couches, large furniture, and other household items too big to fit in a garbage toter
20 yard dumpster from santaguida sanitation

Dumpster Rentals

We offer roll-off dumpsters in various sizes for residential projects. Our available sizes for rent are 6-yard, 12-yard, 20-yard, and 30-yard containers. We also have specialty dumpsters for concrete, asphalt, organic debris, and metal. Whether you're renovating your home or cleaning up your yard, Santaguida Sanitation has the perfect dumpster rental for your needs.

Single Stream Recycling


Recyclable materials, such as paper, plastics, glass, and metal, are collected from households or businesses in a single container. This eliminates the need for separate bins for each type of material, making recycling more convenient.

We kindly request our customers to break down cardboard boxes before collection. This simple act significantly aids our dedicated drivers in efficiently managing pickups and maintaining a timely schedule. Your cooperation helps us continue providing exceptional recycling services to our community.

image showing how to properly break down cardboard boxes on collection day
96-gallon toter provided for trash and recycling as part of James R Santaguida Sanitation's Residential Weekly Collection Services.

Our driveway collection service eliminates the need for you to transport your refuse and recycling bins to the curb. Instead, our dedicated team members personally retrieve your waste and recycling materials right from the comfort of your garage or home's side entrance. Experience an unparalleled level of service that brings waste management directly to your doorstep in Greenwich, CT.

Trash & Recycling Collection

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